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The approach taken to wound care should depend on many individual factors. Dr. Yasser Salem at Quantum Healthcare in Crivitz, Wisconsin are highly experienced physicians who have spent more than three decades caring for patients. With our physicians expert care, you'll have fast healing wounds that allow you to get back to your life again at last.

Wound Care Q & A

What Does Wound Care Include?

There are a number of different types of wound care, and they vary widely based upon the exact type of wound. Wound care can include:

  • Application of ointments, creams, gels, or other topical medications
  • Removal of gauze
  • Examination of the wound to evaluate how the healing is progressing
  • Cleaning of the wound using sterile and safe cleaning fluid
  • Re-dressing of the wound
  • Application of bandages, for example compression bandages, over the wound
  • Elevation of the wounded area in cases where swelling is a problem

How Long Does It Usually Take a Wound to Heal?

Wound healing time can vary based on the type of wound, the depth of the wound, and the patient's own healing ability. The majority of minor wounds tend to heal within just a few days, especially if the wound isn't very deep. Some wounds are slower to heal, especially deeper cuts that go through several layers of skin. Diabetes sufferers often have delayed wound healing, and it can be very challenging for them to fully heal wounds in the extremities and in other areas. For that reasons, it's especially vital that diabetic patients be very vigilant about wound care. This may involve coming into the Quantum Healthcare office regularly to have dressing changes and to be evaluated by one of our physicians.

What are the Signs of Infection?

The signs of an infected wound can include:

  • Redness around the edges of the wound, especially if the redness is spreading
  • Pus drainage, or wound drainage that looks like cloudy water
  • Red lines extending from the wound
  • An increase in swelling around the wound
  • An increase in pain in the wound area
  • A fever
  • A feeling of warmth or heat in the wound

All of these signs of wound infection should be taken seriously. If the wound is infected, it can cause some serious problems for not just the wound but for your entire body over time. if you have any or all of the signs of wound infection, contact the Quantum Healthcare team as soon as possible. Our physicians are highly experienced in wound care and are ready to help.